Aircraft Icing (ICAO test films)


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Aircraft Icing
Duration – 03:24

You are going to watch a film about an emergency situation caused by adverse weather conditions. The duration of the film is about three and a half minutes. After watching the film be ready to discuss it and answer the examiner’s questions.



Published on February 8, 2016 by Donatas Category Tag
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  • Алексей Попов

    Contaminated wings was the main reason for the crash. I think.

    • aviationENGLISHclub

      For what question the answer is?) 11, write the answers under the questions, please) thanks

    • aviationENGLISHclub

      1) In what weather conditions did Flight 1363 stop for refueling?
      Light snow was falling. Temperature hover around freezing. Visibility was decreasing rapidly.

      2) Why were the flight crew eager to depart as soon as possible?
      If the flight didn’t leave soon, it could be grounded indefinitely due to bad weather conditions.

      What other reasons for delays do you know?

      Are there any ways of preventing delays?

      3) How long was the delay?
      an hour behind schedule

      What procedure did the Captain perform before commencing takeoff?
      Captain M performed a brief engine run up. Heating the engines to rid them of any accumulated snow and ice.

      4) In what way was the takeoff abnormal?
      The F28 struggles to get airborne.

      5) What did the investigators analyze first of all?
      survivor and eyewitness statements.

      6) According to the investigators, what was the first possible reason for the crash? Investigators suspected that snow and ice buildup, what experts call wing contamination, may had played a major role in the crash.

      7) What information did the investigators get from the weather charts?
      The charts showed that during the half-hour the F28 was on the ground, visibility shranked from four kilometers to less than one kilometer because of the snowstorm.

      8) Was there a malfunction of the anti-icing system?
      no, it worked fine)

      Why were the wing surfaces NOT cleared from snow and ice?
      it only heats the leading edge, it likely didn’t clear ice that formed on the surface of flight 1363`s wings.

      9) What allowed the investigators to receive a clear picture of the flight?
      simulations of the crash.

      What exactly was simulated?
      the type of load, temperatures, etc.

      10) How did the aircraft design contribute to the crash?
      Because of the angle of the wings, a very small amount of ice makes the planes susceptible to stalling.

      11) What was officially declared as the main reason for the crash?
      contaminated wings caused the crash.

      12) What adverse weather conditions that can affect flight safety do you know?
      What problems can they lead to?
      What makes weather such a significant factor in aviation?

  • aviationENGLISHclub

    Contaminated wings was the main reason for the crash.

  • Dmitrii Drozdetckii

    What did the investigators analyze first of all?

    • aviationENGLISHclub

      Investigators analyzed eyewitness’s statements at first.