My name is Norman, I’m **. I come from Gromovo. I am currently in my second year at Best Flight School. I started my flight training this spring and so far have logged 62 hours, out of the 100 hours required on the initial type, which in my case is Cessna 172 Skyhawk. So I have received my PPL and I’m working towards receiving the CPL, which will happen at some point before I graduate from college next year. Before this I will have to log 50 more hours in a twin-engine aircraft. I am not sure yet what type it will be. It’s usually Let L-410, the twin-engine turboprop, but I heard that the school is phasing them out and is going to replace them with Diamond DA-42s. I wish I could fly the L-410, as it is a passenger aircraft, which is actually operated by several Russian airlines, so this type rating could be handy. But I realize DA-42s are much more cost-efficient in terms of training, so I see the logic behind that decision.

Once I graduate I’ll start working towards getting hired by an airline. I know it’s not easy, but I’m determined to do everything I have to. Actually I feel quite prepared, because I am confident in my knowledge of theoretical disciplines such as Aerodynamics, Navigation, Meteorology etc. I’ve also been working very hard on my general English and Aviation English to make sure it is compliant with ICAO requirements.

I am really determined to become an airline pilot. Ideally, I’d like to fly narrowbody aircraft, specifically Airbus A320. I really admire this aircraft – it’s one of the most sophisticated, safe and reliable machines ever built. Many Russian airlines, including Ural Airlines, have this type in their fleets and operate it on both domestic and international lines. Of course, I’d like to fly internationally, I think that this is one of the best rewards a career in aviation can offer. But I’m willing to start with flying regional routes. Bottomline, the cockpit is where I see myself, so once again, I’m doing what I have to get there.

 Edited by Elizaveta Kazachkova