Paris – Moscow (Departure) ICAO test routes

Paris – Moscow (Departure)

ATIS: This is Charles-de-Gaulle information Delta recorded at one one zero zero UTC. Expected approach ILS, landing runways two seven right and two six left. Take-off runways two seven left and two six right. Expect departure 2 Alpha, 2 Bravo, 2 Zulu, transition level six zero. After vacating active runway hold short of inner runway. Wiend two fife zero degrees one one knots, visibility 10 kilometers. Cloud few, towering cumulus, 3300 feet, scattered 4000 feet, temperature 11 dew point 3, QNH 1000. Inform on initial contact that you have received information Delta.


При выходе на связь с Delivery запросите ATC, в Москву, позывной АВС 2455, стоянка Е40.

P: De-Gaulle Delivery, ABC 2455, destination Moscow Sheremetyevo, gate E40, information D.


C: ABC 2455, start up approved, your slot time for departure 12.00, expect 26R, RANUX 2 B departure, squawk 0675.

P: Start up approved, slot time for departure 1200, expecting RWY 26R, RANUX 2 B departure, squawk 0675, ABC 2455.


C: ABC 2455, correct, contact Apron 121,925, good day.

P: 121,925, ABC 2455, goodbye.

P: Apron, bonjour, ABC 2455, stand E40, request pushback.

C: ABC 2455, pushback approved facing east.

P: Pushing back facing east, ABC 2455.


Доложите готовность к рулению.

P: ABC 2455, ready to taxi.


C: ABC 2455, taxi toRP5.

P: Taxi to RP5, ABC 2455.


P: ABC 2455, on RP5.

C: Abc 2455, contact Ground 121,97, goodbye.

P: 121,97, ABC 2455, bye.

P: Ground, bonjour, ABC 2455, on RP5.


C: ABC 2455, behind the 737 coming from the right taxi second left via T holding point RWY 26R.

P: ABC 2455 behind the 737 from the right, second left via T to holding point RWY 26R, ABC 2455.


На борту разбушевавшиеся футбольные фанаты, имеются раненые, возврат на стоянку, вызов полиции и скорой помощи.

P: ABC2455, Uncontrollable (aggressive) football fans on board, turning back to the apron, request police and ambulance services.


C: ABC 2455, hold short T12.


P: hold short T12, ABC 2455.

C: ABC 2455, monitor Tower 120,9, goodbye.

P: Monitoring 120,9, ABC 2455.

C: ABC 2455,  line up RWY 26R and wait.

P: Lining up and wait RWY 26R, ABC 2455.

C: ABC 2455, wind 260 degrees 10 knots RWY 26R cleared for take-off.

P: Cleared for take-off RWY 26R, ABC 2455.

C: ABC 2455, contact de – Gaulle Departure 124,350, good day.

P: 124,350, ABC 2455, goodbye.


P: Departure, bonjour, ABC 2455, via RANUX 2 B departure.

C: ABC 2455, bonjour, climb FL 100.

P: Climbing FL 100, ABC 2455.

C: ABC 2455, turn right heading 030.

P: Right heading 030, ABC 2455.

C: ABC 2455, turn right to NEPAR, climb FL 190.

P: Right turn to NEPAR, climbing FL 190, ABC 2455.

C: ABC 2455,  contact  Paris 131,175, good day.

P: 131, 175, ABC 2455, goodbye.

P: Paris Radar, bonjour, ABC 2455, climbing FL 190.

C: ABC 2455, bonjour, climb FL 260.


Не можем занять заданный эшелон сильная болтанка в ясном небе, прошу некоторое время поддерживать эшелон 190.

P: ABC2455, Unable to reach assigned FL due to clear sky turbulence.request maintain FL 190 for some time

P: Climbing FL 260, ABC 2455.

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