Nice – Moscow (Departure)

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Nice – Moscow (Departure)

ATIS: This is information India recorded at one one four fife UTC. Expect approach VOR Alpha, VPT Alpha. Landing runway zero four left, take-off runway zero four right, transition level fife zero. Bird activity reported, wiend one fife zero degrees 6 knots , ceiling and visibility OK, temperature one tree degrees dew point 2, QNH one zero two fife. Inform on initial contact you have information India.


Запрос АТС, позывной АВС 274, стоянка 52С, информация

P: Nice Delivery, ABC 274, good morning, stand 52C, information G, request ATC clearance to Moscow.


C: ABC 274, morning, cleared to Moscow via BASIP 5 A departure, flight planed rout, climb initially 6000 ft, your squawk 0641. Report ready for start up and pushback.

P: Cleared to Moscow via BASIP 5 A departure, squawk 0641, ready for start and pushback, ABC 274.


C: ABC 274, start up and pushback approved face west on T.

P: Start up and pushback approved face west on T, ABC 274.

C: ABC 274, advise when ready for taxi.

P: Wilco, ABC 274.

P: ABC 274, ready for taxi.


C: ABC 274, taxi T, A, then wait at  A1 holding point 04L.

P: Via T and A to holding point A1 RWY 04L, ABC 274.


В процессе руления ассиметричный выпуск закрылков.

P: ABC274, An asymmetric flap extension

C: ABC 274, maintain A1 holding point and contact Tower 118,7, goodbye.

P: Will hold at  A1 and  118,7, ABC  274, bye.


P: Tower, ABC 274, good morning, holding point A1 RWY 04L.


C: ABC 274,  cleared to cross RWY 04L, taxi via W to holding point 04R.

P: Crossing 04L, then via W to holding point 04R, ABC 274.

C: ABC 274,  line up from W3 RWY 04R and wait. Report ready for departure.

P: From W3   to line up and wait RWY 04R, will report ready for take-off, ABC 274.

P: ABC 274, ready for departure.

C: ABC 274, cleared for take-off RWY 04R, wind 150 degrees 5 knots.

P: Cleared for take-off RWY 04R, ABC 274.


Прерванный взлет, пожар двигателя на взлете до скорости V-1,самолет остановился на ВПП, вызов аварийных служб, эвакуация пассажиров.

P: ABC274, Engine fire before V1, rejected take-off, plane stopped at the RW, request emergency services.

C: ABC 274, contact Departure 130,825, goodbye.

P: 130,825, ABC 274, goodbye.


P: Departure, ABC 274, passing 2000 ft, climbing FL 100.

C: ABC 274,  identified, climb FL 160.

P: Continue climb to FL 160, ABC 274.

C: ABC 274, turn left direct  USANO.

P: Left turn direct USANO, ABC 274.

C: ABC 274, contact Milano 135,455, bye-bye.

P: 135,455, ABC 274, bye.

P: Milan,  ABC 274, passing 8700 ft, climbing FL 160.

C: ABC 274,  squawk 0447.

P: Squawking 0447, ABC 274.

C: ABC 274, radar contact, cleared to MONEB, climb FL 260.

P: To MONEB, climbing FL 260, ABC 274.

C: ABC 274, contact Milano 133,74.

P: 133,74, ABC 274.

P: Milan, ABC 274,  passing FL 210, climbing FL 260.

C: Ciao, ABC 274, radar contact, continue climb FL 280.

P: Continue climb to FL 280, ABC 274.