TIPS for answering the question TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF.

Many young pilots dread this question, they simply don’t know what to say. But in fact, you should be grateful for it! This is your chance to really stand out, showcase the best of your English and produce a great impression.

Try to use these tips to tell a DIFFERENT story about yourself!

1. View this as a PRESENTATION of yourself. Imagine you have to sell a product, what will you talk about? Of course, you’ll concentrate on its advantages for the customer! Well, now you have to sell yourself to your potential employer, what will you talk about? Well, YOUR CAREER, of course. This is the presentation of yourself as a PROFESSIONAL, it’s best to concentrate on things that make you a good CANDIDATE for the job!
These things are:
– your EDUCATION and relevant TRAINING
– TYPE RATINGS you hold
– your PERSONALITY as a pilot

2. Almost everyone starts by telling their biography. WRONG! It’s long, ordinary and mostly irrelevant. Instead, start by saying your most RECENT FLYING EXPERIENCE. If this is your first job, then start by saying WHEN and what FLIGHT SCHOOL you GRADUATED FROM, how many hours you have LOGGED and on what TYPES of aircraft. This way you will immediately demonstrate your aviation-related English vocabulary.

3. I understand that flying is your childhood dream. It sounds very romantic, but doesn’t have anything to do with your PROFESSIONALISM. Besides, virtually everyone says that! Stand out by speaking about your CARRER GOALS, what you strive to ACHIEVE. Show your DETERMINATION and once again highlight your aviation knowledge by mentioning what aircraft types (NARROW- or WIDEBODY, REGIONAL TURBOPROP or JET AIRLINER) you’d like to fly, what types of FLIGHT OPERATIONS (SHORT- or LONG-HAUL) you’d prefer and why, etc.

4. Always say why you want to work for this particular airline! Even if it’s one of twenty airlines on your list. Let them know that you are well aware of the airline’s FLEET, their ROUTE NETWORK, their MISSION. Convince them that you are COMMITTED to their success!

Even these four tips can completely change the way you introduce yourself. LIKE this post if you want me to give you an example of the RIGHT INTRODUCTION!

I sincerely wish all of you the best of luck and success at landing your DREAM JOB!

Edited by Elizaveta Kazachkova