Moscow – Paris (Arrival) ICAO test routes

Moscow – Paris (Arrival)

ATIS: This is Charles-de-Gaulle information Bravo recorded at one zero zero zero UTC. Expected approach ILS, landing runways two seven right and two six left. Take-off runways two seven left and two six right. Expect departure 2Alpha, 2 Bravo, 2 Zulu, transition level six zero. After vacating active runway hold short of inner runway. Wiend two fife zero degrees one one knots, visibility 10 kilometers. Cloud few, towering cumulus, 3300 feet, scattered 4000 feet, temperature 11 dew point 3, QNH 1000, moderate icing reported between flight level 100 and flight level zero fife zero. Inform on initial contact that you have received information Bravo.


Позывной АВС 2454, пересекаете эшелон 150, снижаетесь до эшелона 130.


P: De-Gaulle Approach,  ABC 2454, descending FL 130,  now  passing FL 150, information B.

C: ABC 2454, cleared LORNI 1 W arrival, expect radar vectoring  for ILS approach 26L.

P: Cleared via LORNI 1 W, expecting vectoring for ILS RWY 26L, ABC 2454.

C: ABC 2454, turn left heading 210.

P: Left heading 210, ABC 2454.

C: ABC 2454, descend to FL 70.

P: Descending FL 70, ABC 2454.

C: ABC 2454, descent 5000 ft, QNH 1000.

P: Descending 5000 ft, QNH 1000, ABC 2454.

C: ABC 2454, descend to 4000 ft, reduce speed to 220 knots.

P: Descending 4000 ft, reducing to 220 knots, ABC 2454.

C: ABC 2454, turn right heading 240 to intercept ILS 26L localizer, report established.

P: Right heading 240 to intercept ILS localizer RWY 26L, ABC 2454.

P: ABC 2454, established on localizer RWY 26L.

C: ABC 2454, reduce speed  to 180 knots in 4 miles and cleared ILS approach RWY 26L.


Не можете выпустить закрылки более 10, запросите для посадки самую длинную полосу.

P: ABC2454, Unable flaps more than 10, request the longest RW

P: In 4 miles speed 180 knots, cleared ILS approach RWY 26L, ABC 2454.

C: ABC 2454, contact Tower 120,9, goodbye.

P: 120,9, goodbye, ABC 2454.

P: Tower, ABC 2454, on localizer RWY 26L.


C: ABC 2454, you are number 1, wind 240 degrees 14 knots, RWY 26L cleared to land.

P: Number 1, cleared to land RWY 26L, ABC 2454.


C: ABC 2454,vacate first to the right, hold short of RWY 26R, at holding point S3.

P: Will hold short of 26R, holding point S3, ABC 2454.


При освобождении ВПП лопнуло колесо правой стойки шасси, необходимо вызвать трапы, автобусы для пассажиров, механиков для осмотра самолета и тягач.

P: ABC2454 , right landing gear tire bursted during RW vacation.request towing tag, maintenance for check, airstears, and busses for passengers


P: ABC 2454, holding short of RWY 26R on S3.

C: ABC 2454, cross RWY 26R and contact Ground 121,8, goodbye.

P: Crossing 26R and 121,8, ABC 245.


P: Ground,  ABC 2454, on T6.


C: ABC 2454,  take second right onto R, then hold at RP3 and.

P: Second right onto R, then hold at PR3, ABC 2454.

C: ABC 2454, Contact Apron 121,925, goodbye.

P: 121,925,  ABC 2454.


P: Apron, ABC 2454, at RP3.


C: ABC 2454, enter RP4 and hold short of RP5.

P: To RP4, then will hold short of RP5, ABC 2454.

C: ABC 2454,  hold position, will sort it out. Stand by for instructions.

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