Moscow – Hamburg (Arrival) ICAO test routes

Moscow – Hamburg (Arrival)

ATIS: Hamburg information X-ray, metreport time one zero two zero. Expect ILS approach, landing runway two tree  and take-off runway one fife, transition level six zero wiend two zero zero degrees 7 knots, visibility 7 kilometers, cloud few 1000 feet broken 2800 feet, temperature one four dew point one two, QNH one zero two zero hectopascals, trend: no significant changes.

Установите связь с Bremen Radar. Вы подходите к точке PISAS, пересекаете эш.170, в снижении до эш.60.

P: Bremen Radar, Guten Morgen, ABC 125, approaching PISAS, passing FL 170, descending to FL 60, information X.

C: ABC 125, Bremen Radar, identified, expect straight-in ILS approach RWY 23.

P: Expecting straight-in ILS approach RWY 23, ABC 125.

C: ABC 125, descend to altitude 4000 ft, QNH 1020.

Отказ приемника. Передаю сообщения без подтверждения.

P: ABC125, reciever failurem transmitting blind

P: Descending 4000 ft, QNH 1020, ABC 125.

C: ABC 125, descend to altitude 3000 ft.

P: Descending 3000 ft, ABC 125.

C: ABC 125, keep present heading cleared ILS approach RWY 23.

P: On present heading, cleared ILS RWY 23, ABC 125.

C: ABC 125, maintain 180 knots or greater to outer marker.

P: 180 knots or greater to outer marker, ABC 125.

C: ABC 125, contact Tower 126,85.

P: 126,85, ABC 125.

P: Tower,  ABC 125, established on ILS RWY 23.


C: ABC 125, Tower, wind 210 degrees 6 knots RWY 23 cleared to land.

Не выпускаются шасси, прошу следовать в зону ожидания, запас топлива на 1 час.

– ABC125, unable to gears down, request proceed to holding pattern for trubleshooting, fuel indurance for 1 hour

P: Cleared to land RWY 23, ABC 125


C: ABC 125, vacate via N, then L, hold short of RWY 15.

P: Via N, then L, will hold short of RWY 15, ABC 125.


P: ABC 125, holding short of RWY 15.

C: ABC 125, cross RWY 15, after crossing, Ground 121,7.

P: Crossing RWY, 121,7 when cleared the RWY, ABC 125.

P: Hamburg Tower, ABC 125 on your frequency again. Unable to contact Apron 121,7. Check the frequency.

C: ABC 125, stand by.

P: Standing by, ABC 125.

C: ABC 125, I confirm Apron frequency 121,7. Call them now. If unable revert to my frequency.

P: 121,7, wilco, ABC 125.


P: Hamburg Apron, hallo, ABC 125, on S.


C: ABC 125, good day, turn right, Line 3, Line 1, parking stand 19.

P: Right turn, Line 3, Line 1, stand 19, ABC 125.

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