Milan (Malpensa) – Moscow (Departure) ICAO test routes

Milan (Malpensa) – Moscow (Departure)

This is Malpensa information Victor at one zero two zero. Runway in use tree fife Right, wind one six zero degrees fife knots variable between one zero zero and two zero zero degrees,ceiling and visibility OK, temperature one fife  dew point zero one , QNH one zero two six hectopascals,  QFE one zero zero zero hectopascals, no significant changes.  Advise you have received information Victor.


Запросите АТС, позывной АВС 286, стоянка 353.

P: Malpensa Delivery, ABC 286, boun giorno, stand 353, information V, destination Moscow Sheremetyevo, ready to copy ATC clearance.


C: ABC 286, boun giorno, RWY 35R to Moscow via SARONNO 7 G departure, OSKOR 5 Q transition, climb 5000 ft initially, squawk 0451.


P: Cleared to Moscow, RWY 35R via SARONNO 7 G departure, OSKOR 5 Q transition, climb 5000 ft initially, squawk 0451, ABC 286.

C: ABC 286, readback correct.


Предполагается задержка вылета (примерно на 30 минут) для опознавания багажа. Пассажир, прошедший регистрацию, не явился на вылет.

P: ABC286, expected flight delay (approximately 30 minutes) for baggage identefication. 1 passenger is missing


P: ABC 286, request start up.

C: ABC 286, start up approved. Contact 121,9 for taxi.

P: Starting up and 121,9 for taxi, ABC 286.

P: Malpensa Ground, ABC 286, ready for taxi.

C: ABC 286, stand by.

P: Standing by, ABC 286.


C: ABC 286, taxi via N, K, K4 initially.

P: Via N, K, K4 initially, ABC 286


C: ABC 286, continue taxi   via U and F, hold short of RWY 35L.

P: Continue via U, then F, will hold short of RWY 35L, ABC 286.

C: ABC 286, now left turn on U, contact Tower 128,350.

P: Turn left on U and 128,350, Abc 286.


P: Malpensa Tower,  ABC  286,  on F.

C: ABC 286, cross 35L at F.

P: Crossing 35L at F, ABC 286.

C: ABC 286, continue taxi CA, contact Tower 119,0, ciao.

P: CA, 119,0, ABC 286, goodbye.


P: Malpensa Tower, ABC 286,  on CA.

C: ABC 286, report ready for departure.

P: Ready for departure, RWY 35R, ABC 286.

C: ABC 286, 35R line up and wait in sequence.

P: Lining up and wait in sequence RWY 35R, ABC 286.

C: ABC 286, RWY 35R cleared for take-off.

P: Cleared for take-off RWY 35R, ABC 286, goodbye.



При взлете на малой высоте, столкновение со стаей  больших птиц, потеря тяги правого двигателя.

P: ABC286, Bird strike, we lost right engine thrust, request holding pattern for troubleshooting

C: ABC 286, squawk ident, contact Departure 126,75.

P: Squawk ident and 126,75, ABC 286.

P: Departure, ABC 286, via SARONNO 7 G crossing 1500 for 5000

C: ABC 286, climb FL 90.

P: Climbing FL 90, ABC 286.

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