Larnaca-Moscow (Departure)

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Larnaca-Moscow (Departure)

ATIS: Larnaca information Oscar, observation time one tree zero zero. Expect ILS , VOR, visual approach runway two two, transition level zero niner fife. Surface wiend two four zero degrees tree zero knots, visibility more than 10 kilometers, cloud scattered at 3000 feet, scattered 3500 feet, temperature 10 dew point minus 4, QNH niner niner seven. Advise you have information Oscar.


Запросите АТС, позывной АВС 238, стоянка 27А.

P: Larnaca Ground, ABC 238, good afternoon, stand 27A,  information O, request ATC clearance.


C: ABC 238,  cleared to destination UUEE via  REXAL 1 В departure. After REXAL proceed direct ALSUS, then VESAR, flight planned route, maintain initially 3000 ft, squawk 5623.

P: Cleared to UUEE, REXAL 1 B departure, after REXAL direct ALSUS, then VESAR, flight planned route, maintain 3000 ft initially, squawk 5623, ABC 238.

C: ABC 238, correct. You slot time for departure 13.28, expect clearance for push and   start in 10 minutes.


C: ABC 238, correct. Your slot time for departure 13.38, expect clearance for push and start in 10 minutes.

P: Slot 13.38, standing by for push and start, ABC 238.

C: ABC 238, push and start up approved, point LB1, QNH 997.

P: Push and start up approved, point LB1, QNH 997, ABC 238.

P: ABC 238, ready for taxi.


C: ABC 238, taxi to holding point RWY 22 via L, Z, C and A.

P: To holding point RWY 22 via L, Z, C and A, ABC 238.

C: ABC 238, hold short of RWY 22, contact Larnaca Tower 121,2, goodbye.

P: Will hold short of RWY 22 and 121,2, ABC 238, bye.


P: Larnaca Tower, ABC 238, good afternoon, holding point RWY 22.

C: ABC 238, good afternoon, Larnaca Tower, are you ready for immediate departure?

P: Ready for departure, AFL 238.

C: ABC 238, RWY 22 cleared for take-off, wind 240 degrees 20 knots gusting 30.

P: Cleared for take-off RWY 22, ABC 238.


C: ABC 238, climb FL 090 direct to ALSUS.

P: Climbing FL 090 direct ALSUS, ABC 238.


В пилотской кабине появился запах гари

P: ABC238, MAYDAY MAYDAY MAYDAY. There is smell of burth and smoke of unkown origin in the cockpit

C: ABC 238, contact Nicosia Radar 126,3, goodbye.

P: 126,3, ABC 238, bye.

P: Nicosia Radar, good afternoon, ABC 238, climbing FL 090 to ALSUS.


C: ABC 238, Nicosia Radar, identified, fly direct to ALSUS, climb initially FL 200.

P: Direct ALSUS, climbing FL 200 initially, ABC 238.

P: Ercan Radar, ABC 238, Airbus 320, VPBQW, squawking 5623, estimating VESAR at 13.53 at FL 300.

C: ABC 238, report over VESAR.

P: Will report over VESAR, ABC 238.


P: ABC 238, over VESAR at FL 300.

C: ABC 238, contact Ankara 127,85, bye-bye.

P: 127,85, ABC 238, bye.

P: Ankara , ABC 238, over VESAR, FL 300.

C: ABC 238, climb FL 340.


Полет в плотной слоистой облачности, в условиях сильного обледенения произошла закупорка приемников полного и статического давления.

– P: ABC238, static ports and pitot tubes failure due to severe icing, request level change


P: Climbing FL 340, ABC 238.