Geneva – Moscow (Departure) ICAO test routes

Geneva – Moscow (Departure)

ATIS: This is Geneva information Juliett. Runway in use is zero fife, ILS approach. Grass runway in operation for VFR traffic. Metreport Geneva at one tree two zero. Wiend variable between zero one zero  and one tree zero  degrees 8 knots, ceiling and visibility OK, temperature 3 dew point minus 4, QNH one zero tree zero. Turbulence may be expected north west of Parthey and on final approach, no significant changes. Transition level eight zero. Saint Prex VOR/DME unserviceable.


Запросите АТС, позывной АВС 272, стоянка 14, информация…

P: Geneva Ground, ABC 272, good afternoon, stand 14, information F, request ATC clearance to Moscow.


C: ABC 272, Geneva Ground, good afternoon, cleared to your destination via MOLUS 3 N departure, climb initially 6000 ft., squawk 5746.

P: Cleared to Moscow, MOLUS 3 N departure, squawk 5746, ABC 272.

C: ABC 272, correct. For pushback and taxi contact Apron on 121,850, goodbye.

P: 121, 850, ABC 272, bye.

P: Geneva Apron, ABC 272, good afternoon, stand 14, ready for push and start up, information F.

C: ABC 272, bonjour, push and start approved.

P: Push and start up approved, ABC 272.

Сообщите о предполагаемой задержке вылета на неопределенное время, во время буксировки самолет получил повреждение (столкновение с багажной тележкой).

P: ABC272, Expected flight delay due to Baggage cart (baggage trolley) collision, plane got destruction,  during towing

P: ABC 272, ready for taxi

C: ABC 272, stand by, I will call you back in a minute.

P: Standing by, ABC 272.

C: ABC 272, taxi to holding point RWY 05, right turn inner Link 1. For your information: the Emirates is joining stand 15.

P: To holding point 05, turn right inner Link 1, thank  you for information, ABC 272.

C: ABC 272, contact Tower 118,7, goodbye.

P: 118,7, ABC 272, goodbye.

P: Tower, ABC 272, bonjour, on TWY E.

C: ABC 272, bonjour, report ready for departure.

P: Will report ready for departure, ABC 272.

P: ABC 272, ready for departure.

C: ABC 272, line up and wait RWY 05.

P: Lining up and wait RWY 05, ABC 272.

C: ABC 272, wind 050 degrees 7 knots RWY 05 cleared for take-off.

P: Cleared for take-off RWY 05, ABC 272.

C: ABC 272, remain my frequency, call you back.

P: Remain your frequency , Abc 272.

Не можем убрать шасси, просим следовать в зону ожидания над SPR для выработки топлива, рассчитываем произвести посадку на вашем аэродроме.

P: ABC272, we are unable to retract landing gears, request holding pattern over SPR for fuel using , expect landing at your aerodrome


C: Abc 272, contact now Departure 119,525.

P: 119, 525, ABC 272.

P: Departure, ABC 272, good afternoon, passing 3000 climbing 6000 via MOLUS 3 November.

C: ABC 272, identified, continue present heading, climb FL 200.

P: Continue present heading, climbing FL 200, ABC 272.

C: AFL 272, on present heading continue with Radar 128,9, goodbye.

P: 128,9, goodbye, ABC 272.

P: Geneva, good afternoon, ABC 272, heading 045, climbing FL 200.

C: ABC 272, bonjour, identified, turn right heading 050.

P: Right heading 050, ABC 272.

C: ABC 272, climb FL 260.

P: Climbing FL 260, ABC 272.

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